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A Series of Letters, Prayers, and Psalms: Letter To Self

Dear Me,

My hope for you is a deep unshakeable trust in the Lord that leads to the freedom of contentment. May you recognize the ways of the world and the shiny things it offers for the lies that they are. I pray you stop knowing of God and start knowing Him. Learn to walk intimately beside Him, experiencing all the light of His good character.

Let go of the fear and mistrust you harbor-- release the falsehood that you are not lovable or worthy in God's eyes. This is of the devil and cannot remain. It works to distract you from the truth of God's powerful grace, fulfilled and freely given through Christ's ultimate sacrifice. Remember, God acted out of love for you. A wholesome constant love that does not ebb and flow when you are fickle or undeserving. For you are always fickle and undeserving. May you never forget how much you need God's Love. It covers your shortcomings. This love makes you whole. Do the work so that you can step into the freedom of faith. Then you will experience the fullness God wishes for you-- one that fills and overflows your soul.

This world holds nothing for you and nothing over you, so boldly serve the Lord and cast off the material things of this life. Moreover, love others consistently with your time, money, and heart-- building up eternal things and ever adding to God's glory.

Love yourself.



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