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A Series of Letters, Prayers, and Psalms: Psalm Of Sorrow

God of wisdom and authority,


I cry out to you amidst the

plagued and dying.

Tell me where to step

and I shall—

where to stop,

I won’t move at all.

Send me not where

You do not dwell.

Death is everywhere.

Fear is fragrant,

“but those who trust in the Lord

will renew their strength.”

“The Lord is with me,

I will not fear”

What destruction we cause!

Is this justice we taste?

Rain down your good mercy,

cover us in grace.

Are there none here that please you?

So appalling are we,

that you wish us gone

like the days of Noah?

Remember, O God, your

promise never to repeat.

A rainbow signifies,

You are kind

but we

like mosquitos,

take much,

offer nothing.

Just swarms and itching—


Lord, even if creation

remains in the dark,

I will praise your name.

Each morning, short of breath

I will shout to you—

Hosanna, God on high!

I did not deserve notice

You justified me.

Iniquity condemned,

life you offered me.

All around is darkness Lord,

enemies seen and unseen.

Gather your remnant.

Lift up those born out of

your sacrifice.

May the fragrance of sweat

be sweet to you—

my labor a dance of joy

and gratitude--

a debt not payable,

erased forever.

Remove any goodness

imagined in me.

It stands to blind me

to my true need.

I could never earn

what I carry in my


Your Spirit, each


Peace to self-


I am not what I was--

I have yet to reach.

But home beckons me

and precedence


every promise

each one

You keep.

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